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Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole

September 27, 2009

IMG_0396Just tried this out today.   It’s a recipe from Cook’s Country, one of my favorite magazines for home country comfort food.   It was fabulous and very easy to make.    You can make it the day ahead and it makes a ton of food for a group of people.   I was looking for a recipe like this + we enjoyed the crispy crust on the outside.    The inside had a nice custard center.   I will have to try the variations.    It’s probably key to allow it to soak overnight.    I didn’t have any problem with it overcooking in the oven.   It went for the full hour.



Pancakes (Blueberry)

September 3, 2008

I got this recipe from a friend, Kathy Ziem – back in college.   It’s on an old notecard that’s just lying around.    I remember it was good at the time and I’ve recently rediscovered an interest in pancakes.  I’ve been more of a meat and eggs breakfast type.    So I need to file away all of these recipes… and possibly get rid of this notecard.   🙂   End of story.    Let me know how it goes.    I guess if you want to do blueberries.. about 1 cup should do – fresh or frozen thawed.   I would put them in and gently mix at the end of the steps.

1 cup milk
1 egg
1 cup flour
2 t baking powder.

1) mix egg and milk
2) sift flour + baking powder into egg/milk mixture
3) mix gently until flour is mixed – don’t try to beat out the clumps.