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Perfect Steak in the Skillet

May 12, 2009

New_York_Trip_HI saw this recipe on Amateur Gourmet.   It’s a new online show on Food Network’s Food2 TV site.     The show has 3 short episodes so far.   The host gets instructional help from various restaurant chefs on their specialty.    So far they’ve done an omelette then making fresh pasta.   They’re pretty funny so definitely check them out at    I saw the steak one, and I’ve recently become a big fan of making steak at home.    The recipe is similar to the ribeye one in my blog.    It seems that a cast iron skillet is always a must, but this recipe has a lot more flavor by adding more salt and pepper for the coating + butter, garlic, and thyme in the oven.    It was divine!    I’m turning my house into a steakhouse!