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Cashew Chicken

October 20, 2009

Cashew ChickenThis recipe came from my trusty Cooks’ Country magazine.   I’ve been using them a lot lately.   It was a little odd to find an asian recipe in the magazine – since it’s mostly comfort food, but I love cashews and wanted to give it a shot.     It turned out great and provided leftovers for many days doused in Sriracha Sauce.    The prep work is a little long with cutting the chestnuts and the snow peas.     But the results were excellent.     Also the toasted cashews are delicious  just on their own.   They remind me of a favorite place, Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, which was a stop by on our trips to Columbus back at TU.   The place is in Zanesville, OH.    They had excellent roasted cashews.



Granny’s Tamale Pie

October 3, 2009

IMG_0393I just made this last week from Cook’s Country’s Best Lost Suppers and it turned out fantastic!   One thing to keep in mind, it takes a long time to make with the 2 cooking cycles and also the prep time for cutting the vegetables.    The sauce is delicious.   I actually had to make a new batch with canned chicken stock.    The one adjustment I made was I didn’t enter the remaining oil at step 3.    It seemed like a lot of oil.