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Provencal Vegetable Gratin

April 25, 2009

I made this dish last week for the meeting of the two families.   My parents got to meet Lisa’s parents for the first time.    It’s an old favorite I saw on FoodTV – decided to pull it out for something I can make here, assemble and transport to Wheeling to cook.    I used regular vine tomatoes but I think if I make it again, I would use the firmer roma tomatoes and maybe slice at an angle for bigger pieces.   The regular tomatoes got kind of mushy when I had to toss with the olive oil.   It got rave reviews from the family plus the presentation is great with the red, yellow, and green colors.



Kentucky Burgoo (Lamb/Chicken Stew)

April 20, 2009

burgooI tried this recipe from Cook’s Country last week.   It’s another magazine by Cook’s Illustrated (highly recommended magazine) but focuses more on home cooking, comfort foods.   It’s a pretty simple recipe other than you need to brown the meats, stew and break apart from the bones.     I’ve had a craving for mutton ever since I tried it in Kentucky.   This recipe just uses lamb for a similar taste.   It seemed appropriate for Easter.

It was fantastic!   You know a recipe is good when there are no leftovers.   My Mom even commented that she liked it better than the canned burgoo from Moon Lite BBQ.    It works really well with some bread on the side especially toasted white bread for dipping.   Also with the leftovers, you can use it for a filling for shepard’s pie.