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Kaya’s Yucatan Hot Bean Dip

February 24, 2009

Well I haven’t tried out this recipe yet, but apparantly it’s the real deal from Pittsburgh magazine.   For those not familiar, Kaya is a restaurant in Pittsburgh that serves Caribbean food.   I just had the dip at Kaya for lunch today and it was excellent, highly recommend trying it if you go there.   Updated: My experience with this recipe was good… I decided to puree 2 cups out of the three, next time, I’ll probably follow the recipe then make sure to drain both the peppers and the beans thoroughly.   The results were a little too liquidy for a dip, but the taste was excellent + spicy.   Maybe experiment by adding a little more beans.


V-Day Dinner: Aunt Mickey’s Famous Lasagna

February 16, 2009

I tried out this recipe for Valentine’s Day to treat my girlfriend.    This is her aunt’s recipe.   I thought it was really good, and it got me interested in lasagna again.   I paired it up with two other dishes: Spinach/Basil salad and Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta, which complemented each other really well.  I’ll try and post the other recipes soon.    In addition, we had a nice bottle of barola.   The only difficult task was handling the noodles but I had plenty to spare.   Some of the steps you can do a day ahead.     At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough fillings or noodles for the layers but it would easily fit in a deep lasagna pan. (more…)