Pancakes (Blueberry)

I got this recipe from a friend, Kathy Ziem – back in college.   It’s on an old notecard that’s just lying around.    I remember it was good at the time and I’ve recently rediscovered an interest in pancakes.  I’ve been more of a meat and eggs breakfast type.    So I need to file away all of these recipes… and possibly get rid of this notecard.   🙂   End of story.    Let me know how it goes.    I guess if you want to do blueberries.. about 1 cup should do – fresh or frozen thawed.   I would put them in and gently mix at the end of the steps.

1 cup milk
1 egg
1 cup flour
2 t baking powder.

1) mix egg and milk
2) sift flour + baking powder into egg/milk mixture
3) mix gently until flour is mixed – don’t try to beat out the clumps.


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